Cheap I2C 128x64 OLED Module quick Review

When I was playing with the SeekThermal XR, I set my mind on building a temperature calibrator and for it to be of any use, it needed a display. Because the control circuitry was on a fairly small board, I wanted to use a small LCD, but having none available I ended up using a classic 16x2 HD44780 LCD. That's when I realized I need to broaden my options when it comes to cheap displays for quick projects.

It didn't took me long and I found these gems on Aliexpress for about $3.50/pcs. They're graphic, so no support for direct alpha numeric mode and they come in different colors, but usually monochrome.

The information on Aliexpress is almost always sketchy, so I went for the model that could display both blue and yellow. What I didn't know at the time is that it displays blue in the top segment (48 vertical pixels) and yellow in the bottom segment (16 vertical pixels). It actually doesn't look bad and I rather like it.

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