HP 33120A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator Review

While this is a discontinued unit, it can still bring a lot of value to a lab and it can be had for only a couple of hundred dollars, used. On top of that, its performance is still better than some similarly priced generators, that you can buy new from other manufacturers.
On the other side, it only has one channel and only goes up to 15 MHz, which might not be enough for everyone, so if you decide to go for it, you’ll probably do it taking other factors into account, like the THD (which is excellent), if you’re doing audio work.
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TENMA 72-10480 Power Supply Review

We all know that good power supplies are essential to an EE lab and we also know that the cheap ones are not the best power supplies out there, but the best don't come cheap, so I'm always on the lookout for affordable power supplies. I purchased this one several months ago, but couldn't find the time to review it until now.

Tenma is a brand owned by Farnell and this particular power supply seems to be a rebranded Korad 3003. It costs about $100 new, which is extremely cheap for a digital power supply. They have a mixed reputation so far, but they also appear to step up when issues are reported, so it might not be that bad.

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Agilent/Keysight 33622A Waveform Generator Review

The 33600 family is the successor to the 33500 line of waveform generators, based on the Trueform technology, bringing more bandwidth, higher sample rate, more memory and better jitter specs.

The unit under review is the 33622A model and I've been using it for several months already. During the time I had it, I found only a few minor issues, that we will discuss later in the review, but other than that, it's been a pleasure to use from all points of view and I'd have no reservations if I were to recommend it to a friend.

The price is a bit on the high side, but given the performance, the build quality it offers and all the good things that come with such a brand, it's fairly reasonable.

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Array 3645A Power Supply Review

Array 3645A

I recently went on a hunt for a new power supply, because I needed about 2 amps for my new project, while my home made ones could only deliver 1A. Since I'm on a budget, the choices were limited to either old equipment or cheap new equipment, so I ended up with a list of old HP/Agilent power supplies and a bunch of  Chinese supplies like the Korad 5005P and the Rigol 832 in the other camp.

I have to say that the most appealing one was the Rigol 832, but being such a big beast I quickly ruled against it - my bench is not wide enough for it to fit in such a way that I could comfortably use it.

From my new power supply I wanted current limiting with mA resolution, digital display, over current and over voltage protection. On top of that, I wanted it to be programmable so I can automate various tests. This left me with only a handful of choices and in the end, the only one  standing was the Korad 5005P, however due to expensive shipping and high bank fees (could only pay by bank transfer), I had to reconsider.

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